Big Academy launches to help schools deliver work experience


A NEW non-profit organisation has been launched that will aim to support schools in providing accredited work experience, as well as helping to tackle the rising numbers of young people out of work. The Big Academy has been created to help support all young people in finding work opportunities regardless of their social or academic […]

Livescribe Echo Smartpen – Edtech Review

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 15.56.32

The Livescribe Echo Smartpen has tremendous potential for use in our schools. We were blown away after playing with one for a few weeks. We showed it to teachers and students and our findings are below, but needless to say – we were mightily impressed. Livescribe smartpens digitally capture everything people hear and write. To […]

WatchKnowLearn – YouTube alternative

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We love WatchKnowLearn. Why? Because it has an ethical approach to educating students via the medium of video – with an additional emphasis on staying safe. Within a few sentences the organisation states: ‘Imagine hundreds of thousands of great short videos, and other media, explaining every topic taught to school kids. Imagine them rated and […]

iClone 4 pro – Edtech Review


We loved Reallusion’s CrazyTalk Animator Pro that much we decided to venture even deeper into the world of 3D animation via the company’s ‘iClone 4 pro’. Some of the product features include 3D filmmaking, environment productions, motion & interactivity, and video effects all via instant virtual sets. As Teachers we love tutorials – and with […]

#MoveMeOn – Crowdsourcing for teachers via Twitter

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#MoveMeOn – Crowdsourcing for teachers via Twitter The book embedded below is great! In fact we’d go as far as saying ‘TRULY GREAT’. It is a terrific example of how teachers are crowdsourcing their ideas via the medium of Twitter. In this case, #MoveMeOn was the hashtag designed to do exactly that – move teacher’s […]

Google Mapping Native American History


Google Mapping Native American History We love this great teaching approach for learning about Native American History from David Freeburg. His website ‘Epic Epoch’ is a place full of great teaching ideas. David describes himself as someone ‘who enjoys his experience in the classroom teaching his students how to use the web, social media, Interactive […]

QWIKI: a new way to experience information?

Screen shot 2011-04-25 at 19.14.38

Now this looks interesting for quickly introducing a new topic at a moment’s notice. Qwiki is a new way to experience information and at first glance it looks ideal for classroom use. You simply stick the name of a location, person, object etc into the search bar and sit back whilst a lovely computerised lady […]

Epson B-310N Color Inkjet Printer: Edtech Review


We review this printer from the perspective of a teacher, his or her department, and within the context of these austere times of cutbacks. Lest face it. Printing costs money, and often the Head of Department is shocked at the amount of the allocated finance that goes towards these costs – especially colour printing. But […]

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