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Pedagoo: More than a funny name!

Pedagoo Friday

We caught this great idea on Twitter and we just had to find out more about the movement that started in Scotland. Pedagoo is the funky name for something that has far more substance than may originally appear. We wholehearted support them because at the heart of their work is a drive for improving student […]

Active Administration in Schools via the Cell Phone


There’s a great buzz surrounding this blog post by Lisa Nielsen – AKA: @InnovativeEdu. We love it simply because it encourages school leaders to get out of their offices and use technology to amplify the things that they see via simple technology: their cell phone. As avid enthusiasts of the use of such tech, we […]

Box of Tricks (Blog Review)

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 17.58.20

In the first of our brief articles on highlighting educational blogs, we begin with Jose Picardo’s ‘Box of Tricks’. Jose is the Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Nottingham High School, where he teaches Spanish and German. We love the section on the ‘about’ page that says: I believe fervently in making education compatible with […]

The Purpos/ed Campaign

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Woooaaahh! Now this is good. If you haven’t seen it before: you educators might just want to join this campaign. As it states from the off the Purpos/ed campaign says ‘We’re going to change the world’. Its key aim revolves around the key question: ‘What’s the purpose of education?’. It has a 3 year campaign […]