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Pedagoo: More than a funny name!

We caught this great idea on Twitter and we just had to find out more about the movement that started in Scotland. Pedagoo is the funky name for something that has far more substance than may originally appear. We wholehearted support them because at the heart of their work is a drive for improving student outcomes fit for the context in which we live in. Read on…

What is Pedagoo.org?

Pedagoo is an attempt by a loose collection of educators in Scotland to move beyond the rhetoric and inevitable negativity that surrounds most new initiatives in education. If we stand for anything, it is making sure that those we teach are given the best preparation possible for the future. We are interested in ensuring that young people are given every opportunity, every support, and every helping hand as we guide them to master the skills they will need to thrive in an unknowable future.

Where did it come from?
On a random morning, David Cameron wrote the following tweet which kickstarted a big debate on twitter…

Rather than leaving this one as a discussion to be lost in the sands of twitter, this time a few us decided to try to do something as a result. After a bit of toing and froing, we eventually opted for a collaborative blog. This started life as Education Futures : Scotland, but that name didn’t quite stick, so hence…pedagoo.org

What’s with the name?

Although pedagoo.org won in an online poll, it does have a bit of a marmite tendency to split opinion. It’s intended to be a playful twist on ‘pedagogy’ with the ‘goo’ representing the mess we often find ourselves in and the sticky essence of collaboration. Plus it had the added advantage of not really existing out there as a domain name!

And what’s #PedagooFriday then?

The principle behind #PedagooFriday is one that encourages discussion, promotes success and simply reminds us of the great things we are doing in our classrooms every week, the things we simply accept as part of the routine. There is no pressure to give details, no expectation that you need to justify yourself. Just a chance to share the wonderful things that happen in our classrooms every week. Twitter is an excellent way to chat and share. Why not share the things you may never share otherwise? We are teachers and we are great at our jobs. Let’s not hide that. So simply stick on the hashtag #PedagooFriday and start your tweet ‘In my classroom this week,…’

Let’s finish our week with a smile on our faces or a wee bit of inspiration.

How do I join in?

Anyone can tweet on a #PedagooFriday and join in on the blog by going to http://pedagoo.org/join

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