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We like people who like to spread the buzz about teaching and learning, and that’s why we like Kiran Arora. He’s recently launched a new website for Newly Qualified Teachers because starting out as a teacher is tough. You need support. You need a network of like minded people. And most of all, you need somewhere to vent your frustrations, joys and questions regarding your new role. The following is an overview (by Kiran) on his new website entitled ‘TalkNQT.co.uk’. Check it out and encourage those that are new to this wonderful profession to get involved!

Even though you interact with upwards of 200 people a day, are constantly in meetings and have millions more people to talk to, it’s surprising how lonely being a new teacher can be.

It’s hard. Your timetable has increased from 50% to around 80% in the blink of eye, and that person at the back of the classroom judging you has gone along with that safety net. These are your students now, you are solely responsible for their education. You could be the difference between them donating millions to homeless charities or needing someone to give them money in the street. You’re surrounded by people who have so much to say every other thing that comes out of their mouth is an acronym… APP, APC, PLD, PLTS… OMG!

What if you don’t understand these phrases? Can you ask someone what they mean? Who can you ask? Is it too stupid a question to ask? Will it tarnish my reputation? Will they laugh at me in front of the staff room? Will they realise I’m incompetent and cut my contract?

At the end of January, half way through my first year, I wanted to quit. I remember hoping to be involved in a 42 car pile up just so I didn’t have to go into school. I talked to my mentor about it, obviously leaving out the part about the pile up. Although he was very supportive, I still didn’t feel happy. Then I spoke to one of my friends who was on my PGCE course. Turns out he went through the same time a couple of weeks beforehand. I can’t fully remember what we said, but I do know I felt a lot better about school and life afterwards. After speaking to a few other teachers I knew, I discovered that there are a lot of schools where there is only one PGCE, NQT, GTP etc. That’s when the idea of TalkNQT.co.uk was born.

My hope is that it will be become a community where new teachers can log on to ask questions, give support and share ideas, resources and successes with other new teachers. We may be at different stages in our lives, teaching different subjects and ages, and be at different schools, but we’re all going through this journey of highs and lows together.

Whether you’d like to ask a question, get support, share ideas and resources, or recount a success story, TalkNQT.co.uk is the place for you!

ABOUT KIRAN: Former stand up comedian flirting with the idea of a comeback, author of “Let’s Take This Outside: Teaching Mathematics Away from the Classroom” as well as creator and owner of TalkNQT.co.uk, Kiran is a Maths NQT in a Buckinghamshire school.

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