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#MoveMeOn – Crowdsourcing for teachers via Twitter

#MoveMeOn – Crowdsourcing for teachers via Twitter

The book embedded below is great! In fact we’d go as far as saying ‘TRULY GREAT’. It is a terrific example of how teachers are crowdsourcing their ideas via the medium of Twitter. In this case, #MoveMeOn was the hashtag designed to do exactly that – move teacher’s practice on in ‘short bursts’ of 140 characters. @dajbelshaw @stuartridout were the organisers behind the book and the foreword says:

It started with a simple idea: what if elements of teacher professional development could be carried out in small bursts? Hundreds of tweets – but only a few weeks – later we have this book. It is a testament to the power of social networking to produce something worthwhile.

As editors we would like to thank each and every person who ‘tweeted’ a 140-character message – be it one or several!
Tweets remain largely as they were sent, but with the #movemeon ‘hashtag’ removed. In addition, for the sake of clarity, where words were (deliberately) shortened to fit within the 140-character limit they have been expanded.
We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed putting this together. :-)

Have a quick read below and I’m sure you’ll be able to take away with you one or two ideas:

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