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Epson B-310N Color Inkjet Printer: Edtech Review

We review this printer from the perspective of a teacher, his or her department, and within the context of these austere times of cutbacks.

Lest face it. Printing costs money, and often the Head of Department is shocked at the amount of the allocated finance that goes towards these costs – especially colour printing. But the Epson B-310N Color Inkjet Printer goes some way in alleviating the pain. If we are to make ends meet within departments and schools, avoid those expensive laser printers that cost over £500 and buy a more moderately priced one like this. Although quite bulky (as a home user I’d stay away from this) its clearly suited for the shared departmental area or the staff room. The upper left of the unit is for large inkjet cartridges, and we were quite surprised at their size. However, they are super easy to fit and this is a bonus for the busy teacher.

Laser printers are generally much faster than their inkjet cousins. However, the B-310N is surprisingly fast. With this printer, gone are the days of standing by urging the worksheets to painstakingly come through. We counted around 14 sheets per minute and this is a real bonus for the price. Remember world – us teachers are impatient, we are busy and we have cups of coffee to drink. Don’t get us stressed out by taking forever to print our stuff!

The quality of the print is good. You get better results with more expensive models but the most positive aspect of this printer is its appeal during times where allocated budgets are being squeezed. It is perfectly adequate for what we need. A print with heavy colour use however may result with a damp feeling to the paper, but this quickly dries and is avoided with higher quality paper. Overall however, we were very pleased with the quality, especially the option of selecting the different quality modes – ranging from draft to photo. We found that the speed of the printing didn’t really change when selecting a higher grade of quality, and this was surprising considering it being an inkjet.

The absence of a USB reader slot does not really act as a disadvantage for the busy teacher, although it must be said that the more ICT savvy users may have appreciated its inclusion. Nevertheless, it was very easy to set up and this is a bonus for those colleagues who work in environments that don’t have full time technicians. It runs perfectly well on Windows 7 and the ethernet interface served us well.

In summary, the Epson B-310N Color Inkjet Printer is ideal for the working environment of the busy teacher, especially for departmental areas. Despite a rather small and low lit LCD, this printer has many appealing features. Its fast, easy to use, produces good quality prints and compares really well to the most efficient printers out there on the market. Essentially, it does a great job of meeting the needs of the busy teacher, and suiting the increasing demands being placed upon our decreasing budgets.

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  1. It’s my third Epson printer. It always provides good print quality photos. Best bang for bucks!

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