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Could the iPad make teachers redundant?


Many colleagues argue that it is the ultimate achievement of any teacher: enabling their learners become dependent on themselves. As teachers were often moan and groan about the lack of independence that young people show (and this is generally overstated). However, as new technology evolves – could they actually make some, if not all, teachers […]

10,000 teachers for SKYPE!


The amazing ‘Skype in the classroom’ has achieved the milestone of connecting 10,000 teachers across the world – and its well deserved. We are delighted for Skype here at ‘TheTeacherBuzz’ and if you’ve never come across them before, then read on. School teachers and students everywhere now have an easy way to find each other […]

Box of Tricks (Blog Review)

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In the first of our brief articles on highlighting educational blogs, we begin with Jose Picardo’s ‘Box of Tricks’. Jose is the Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Nottingham High School, where he teaches Spanish and German. We love the section on the ‘about’ page that says: I believe fervently in making education compatible with […]

RADA & Stagecoach join forces

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Two of the biggest names at the forefront of drama and education have come together in a momentous collaboration. The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) and Stagecoach Theatre Arts have created a new Vocational Training Preparation course for young people aged 16+, designed to meet the needs of aspiring performers who are looking to […]

The Purpos/ed Campaign

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Woooaaahh! Now this is good. If you haven’t seen it before: you educators might just want to join this campaign. As it states from the off the Purpos/ed campaign says ‘We’re going to change the world’. Its key aim revolves around the key question: ‘What’s the purpose of education?’. It has a 3 year campaign […]

Flip cameras killed off!

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Noooooooooo!!! As part of the company’s comprehensive plan to align its operations, Cisco (the maker of Flip Video Cameras) today announced that it will close down its Flip operations. The Flip camera have become a handy companion for enabling teachers and students throughout the world to capture learning experiences that pushed beyond the traditional boundaries […]

‘Audioboo’ for Teaching

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Now this is buzzing! Podcasting for teaching and learning purposes is becoming increasingly easy for teachers across the world. Here at ‘TheTeacherBuzz’ we intend to provide active examples of such technology being used in education, but first: here’s an overview. First of all, what is Audioboo? Well it works on iPhone, Android and Nokia devices, […]

Do you realise? (Video)

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We love this fantastic video from the New Brunswick Department of Education, Canada. This is the kind of stuff we like for stimulating discussion on the current context of learning. Are your lessons relevant? Is your educational setting discussing the concepts involved? And in what ways are you tuning into the potential of the technological […]