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Animoto – Free Educational Account!

Animoto is another great internet application that students and teachers are using right across the world. And believe us when we say its a buzzing way to show off your (basic) ICT skills – because Animoto effortlessly makes you look like a seasoned professional! And what’s more, they’ve just released a brand new version.

Animoto is a video slideshow creation service that enables consumers, professionals and businesses to easily make and share professional-looking videos that will amaze friends, family and others. The Animoto team has leveraged their expertise to develop a web-based service that makes it easy for people to quickly create and share their stories through video – using photos and or videos. The heart of Animoto is its Cinematic Artificial Intelligence® technology that intelligently crafts animation design based on both the user’s images and nuances in the music, producing a highly polished product.

Further, Animoto has recently announced it is launching a significantly enhanced version of its popular service making it easier, faster and more fun than ever for consumers to produce professional-quality videos from their photos and videos. As part of the revamp, Animoto now enables users to create HD-quality videos and to process their completed videos 10 times faster than in the past. What’s more, Animoto’s freshly redesigned Web site is even more intuitive than before, walking consumers through a very simple, streamlined process – from selecting photos and video styles to adding music – for creating high-impact video slideshows in just minutes.

More importantly for us, educators can apply for a free (Yes FREE) educational account for use in the classroom. impressively, ‘Discovery Education’ described the internet application as ‘Animoto is one of the marvels of Web 2.0. It is a wonderful initiative and a true benefit to teachers and students.’

Simply register, apply for the educational account and Animoto will verify your authenticity regarding using it for classroom purposes.

View some Animoto videos here


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  2. Hi Steve. I see your point. Yes, you are right, it is software to craete videos from still images. It is all automated so you have to let the software do it’s thing with little control on your part. They have worked in a way for you to tell the software the some pictures should be emphasized, but beyond that you have little control. If you want to upload video over the net and edit it, you have other options besides animoto. I have seen a few services like that. They are cool too.ThanksLorraine