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Animoto – Free Educational Account!

ANIMOTO - Home Page

Animoto is another great internet application that students and teachers are using right across the world. And believe us when we say its a buzzing way to show off your (basic) ICT skills – because Animoto effortlessly makes you look like a seasoned professional! And what’s more, they’ve just released a brand new version. Animoto […]

One Year Later: Assessing the Impact of iPads on Education


So its been a year since the iPad hit the streets and while many teachers are now beginning to experiment with them in the classroom, Sam Gliksman has been there from the start. His website: ‘iPads in Education’ is a hive of useful information on tips and case studies on how they are being used […]

CrazyTalk Animator Pro – Edtech Review


*Reallusion has not incentivized to review this product. CrazyTalk Animator Pro is a Teacher’s dream come true (well for us anyway). Just imagine a piece of software that can make historical figures, world-renowned scientists, eloquent 18th century poets or geographical explorers talk, move and even dance. Engagement levels in your classroom would go through […]

‘’ Video Tutorials

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Yet again: another superb example of teachers working to develop other teachers. exemplifies the innate sense of developing others that all outstanding teachers have. The website does exactly what it says on the tin – showing teachers how to figure out the huge amounts of Web2.0 applications via videos in no less than 10 […]

‘You see, the problem with Teachers…’ (Video)

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What about saying something like this the next time anyone challenges the validity of what you do as a teacher! Superb work from Taylor Mali. * Discovered in jacklefttown’s videos on Youtube

Encouraging greater independence in class


We love this blog post from Jane Hewitt (an AST at a secondary school in Barnsley, UK). How often do we as teachers quickly answer every question that is asked of us? Jane explains a quick and easy method to prevent this and encourage more independence in class. Get in touch with her via Twitter […]

The ‘little book of ICT ideas’

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We love this document that Mark Anderson has produced for a training day at his school in North Somerset, UK. It succinctly provides the name of Web2.0 tools and gives you examples of how to use them. From our experience teachers did need quick, easy and fast ways to connect to new technology ideas. We […]

The Positive Effect of Web 2.0 in learning

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Read all about how the use of new web technologies are enhancing writing skills in young people due to increases in engagements levels. (Originally taken from Amy Kennedy’s school blog as found here) Second grade students in Mrs. Battistoni’s class (Connecticut, USA) have been using to create class books as well as individual stories. […]